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15 Jul '18

Virtual Games Online Available At AUSlots

A summary of virtual games and which ones you can play here at AUSlots Casino. Read on for an overview of all the virtual games you can play at your favorite online casino – AUSlots.com.

8 Jul '18

Top 5 Golden Ball FIFA Award Winners

As we are preparing for semi-finals of the World Cup and atmosphere at the Russian stadiums is boiling, it is uncertain who will win the 21st FIFA World Cup, and several awards such as the Golden Ball, the Golden Boot and the Golden Glove. There are five more awards, apart from these three, which are being given in certain categories to footballers and teams through the years, but we will discuss only the most famous one.

1 Jul '18

Online Slots for Real Cash at AUSlots in 2018

If you like playing slots, you’re in for a real treat at AUSlots. Take a look at some of the developers that have supplied AUSlots with slots and some info about their most popular slot machines you can play for real cash at AUSlots.com.

24 Jun '18

Soccer Themed Slots

A look at a selection of soccer-themed slots you can play at AUSlots. Playing them is a perfect way to celebrate the Fifa World Cup 2018.