Price Stability & Crypto Privacy At Its Best With USDT & USDC Stablecoins

Bitcoin & all the other cryptocurrencies we currently offer as both a deposit method and a withdrawal option may promise you bullet-proof privacy & security with no tampering whatsoever, yet the thing that all of them cannot guarantee is price stability.

Since crypto is a fairly new market – less than ten years – compared to the traditional ones that have at least a century of history, there is still a price discovery stage that has to be undertaken. This stage naturally brings volatility and massive swings that may appear unnatural. However, every market has witnessed such volatility at its inception.

Bitcoin & Fiat Currency

As a method to counter-act the ups and downs, the cryptocurrency market has come up with a neat ‘invention’ we now call stablecoins.

To help you fight the current market condition, AU Slots has recently implemented two of the most popular stablecoins into the deposit & withdrawal mix.

USDT Aka Tether Explained

The first stablecoin is by far the most popular among them all.

Why is that? USDT or Tether is the first stablecoin to be created long before the term was actually used among the crypto enthusiasts. In this sense, USDT may be the Bitcoin of stablecoins.

Tether emerged in 2015 when the market gave the first signs of recovery after the Mt Gox unfortunate experience. Its proposition was simple: every coin created via the OMNI chain – a blockchain that gave the possibility to easily & conveniently create tokens much like Ethereum – was backed by 1 USD in the bank account. Therefore, the price, no matter the ups and downs of Bitcoin & all the other altcoins, would be 1 USD per USDT.

Tether was pretty much under the radar for around two years until the 2017 hype when the demand skyrocketed. Tether started diversifying in 2018 expanding to other chains as well like Ethereum, Tron TRX, EOS, Liquid, or Algorand.

USDT Tether Transparency Page

Today, USDT is in the top five, according to CoinMarketCap having close to $9 billion in assets and a daily volume that, more often than not, exceeds Bitcoin’s. Almost all cryptocurrency exchanges use USDT in pairs with all the major coins & anyone can hedge against periods of volatility with Tether to avoid major losses in the short run.

USDC Explained

Besides USDT, we also offer you the possibility to deposit & withdraw with the second most popular stablecoin that is USD Coin aka USDC.

USDC was created as a financial instrument in late 2018 by one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the web, Coinbase.

Like Tether, USDC started out small but in 2019 and 2020 the demand exploded increasing its market cap to over $700 million in just two years.

The proposition is the same: for every USDC created, Coinbase deposits 1 USD in its bank account, thus the value of 1 USDC cannot be greater or below 1 USD. Obviously, you will see minor fluctuations in terms of cents, yet that’s perfectly understandable given a free market and the demand-supply dynamics.

USDC Website Homepage

All USDCs are created on the Ethereum blockchain and have the same characteristics as any other ERC20-based token: they use the public-key cryptography & hash-based principles which make them safe to use & anonymous. A common transaction with USDC doesn’t reveal any sensitive information about the owner.

If we add the price stability, then we can clearly see why such financial instruments have become so popular in the last couple of years.

Deposit & Cash Out With USDT & USDC Stablecoins Today!

You can try them out too at AU Slots in order to start playing your favorite online slots, online casino games, or just experience a true Las Vegas thrill with our LIVE casino.

How can you get your hands on USDT or USDC? You may want to create an account at a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinjar & use your local fiat currency or cryptocurrency to buy stablecoins. Coinjar also has a wallet service which can be quite convenient when you trade Bitcoin & your favorite altcoins.

Once you have some USDC or USDT in your wallet, return to your favorite online casino platform AU Slots, access the Deposit page & choose either USDC or USDT as your payment method. The process is quite simple and very secure since we are talking about crypto: just transfer your stablecoins from your wallet to the address provided by AU Slots.

Since you are making a deposit at AU Slots, you may want to also check our Casino Bonuses & Promotions page and choose the right offer for you. Whether you are a new player or a returning customer, we have all kinds of bonuses including our very own Bitcoin Bonus.

For a cashout, look for the Withdrawal page, type down the amount & copy and paste your wallet address where you wish to receive your USDT or USDC. Make sure to double-check the address is correct and, in no time, you will get your BIG win straight into your wallet. No volatility, only price stability. No extra information, only top-notch security.

Start playing at AU Slots using USDT & USDC today!