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Since Bitcoin is gaining steam once more after the 2017 wild ride, we’ve decided to implement this unique payment option to AU Slots, thus giving every crypto enthusiast a chance to multiply his or her hodlings by simply playing our real money online slots & provably fair games.


We know embracing new and disruptive technology is a must in the gaming niche, that’s why we’re more than willing to give Bitcoin a shot in 2024 & moving forward. You may want to do that as well, mainly because of its many advantages as a payment method.


Best Bitcoin Casino for 2019


Don’t worry if you aren’t that familiar with the blockchain technology in general, we’ll guide you every step of the way from explaining how it actually works and what are its main advantages & drawbacks to how to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin.


Follow next lines to check out why AUSlots is amongst best online casinos that accept bitcoin cryptocurrency. Let’s start from the beginning.

How Does A Bitcoin Casino Work?

Crypto Casinos work as any other ‘traditional’ online casinos. There is no caveat whatsoever.


Crypto Casino accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin


Indeed, Bitcoin relies on a unique and disrupting technology we now call blockchain. The blockchain is a ledger of transactions shared among peers on a worldwide network. Each time a transaction is made - for example, you make a quick deposit on AU Slots using Bitcoin - this transaction is broadcasted on the network and eventually stored in a block of transactions linked with other previous blocks that contain previous transactions. That’s why the technology is called blockchain - visually, it’s a long chain of blocks.


Visual representation of the Blockchain technology



The blockchain contains all transaction ever made with Bitcoin from the network’s inception, in 2009, till today. Since many of Bitcoin’s peers have the blockchain stored into their hard drives, there is no single point of failure


If one or several peers are compromised, the network will move on without any problems. That’s why you often heard and will continue to hear the word decentralized every time Bitcoin is mentioned. There is no single server, no central authority that controls the network.

Advantages Using Bitcoin On AU Slots

What does it mean for you, the end-user though? It means Bitcoin can’t quite fail and that’s why the value spiked in recent years.


The network is secure and so are you, whenever you use Bitcoin. The blockchain relies on cryptography and every information regarding every transaction ever made is encrypted and linked closely together to avoid double-spending - when one spends the same coin twice.


Secure bitcoin transactions on network


Cryptography also ensures each and every Bitcoin user anonymity. When you create an ‘account’ on the blockchain, or an address to be more precise, you don’t have to give any personal or financial information away. An account or BTC address is just a long set of characters (letters & numbers ) where you can store your funds. It’s that simple.


When you make a deposit on AU Slots, you only have to send the chosen amount from your address to the AU Slots specified address. No other information required.


Last but not least, since everyone is talking about Bitcoin as the money of the future, we believe it’s a good idea to try out the payment method and get a feel of how the future might look like. Thus, in case the predictions are true, you will be ready to face it full steam ahead, without any fear or uncertainty.

What About Drawbacks?

Since we are talking about a nascent technology - Bitcoin is only 10 - it’s worth mentioning we are still in the price discovery stage. Therefore, Bitcoin is and will probably continue to be volatile.


Just in the last couple of years, Bitcoin’s price has spiked from under $1,000, at the beginning of 2017, to almost $20,000 in December 2017. After it reached the all-time high, the price collapsed in 2018 to around $3,000 and managed to recover in 2024 conquering the five-digit mark once more.


Volatility shown on a graph


Moreover, since the network hasn’t been developed to sustain mass adoption, you will witness some delays in certain periods, when there is a high inflow of transactions being broadcasted on the blockchain. Hopefully, in the future, these delays will disappear with the development of second payment layers built on top of Bitcoin, like the Lightning Network.

How To Bet With Bitcoin On AU Slots

The process of using Bitcoin on AU Slots is as straightforward as any other traditional payment option. It is important to know beforehand that even though you deposit with Bitcoin, our real money online slots will remain denominated in your chosen fiat currency.


In other words, you will still bet with fiat currency when playing video slots & casino games. There is no option to actually place wagers in Bitcoin when playing on AU Slots.

Instant Deposits

To make a deposit, simply choose Bitcoin as your default payment method. You will see a long set of number and letters commonly known as an address.


Select Bitcoin option in the Cashier


All you have to do is copy that address from the AU Slots platform and paste it in your favorite Bitcoin wallet. Verify if the information pasted is correct and only afterward, choose the BTC amount you want to deposit & click ‘Send.’


Generate BTC address for a payment


Please note you will also pay the miners’ fee for the transaction which is independent of our Bitcoin payment policy. That fee is sent on the network and is used to reward the miners - the users who invested in specialized hardware and actively participate in building the blockchain.

The transaction aka your deposit will be broadcasted almost instantly, but it will still need to be confirmed by the network.


Once confirmed, the amount will be converted into fiat currency and you will be able to play your favorite bitcoin casino games. AUslots features over 1000 casino games including the latest slots, all the popular table games, video poker variations and live dealers games streamed via HD cams in a real-time.

Quick Withdrawals

To withdraw, all you have to do is choose Bitcoin and paste your address from your default wallet. Always verify if the address pasted is correct before cashing out.


Your fiat will be instantly converted into BTC based on the exchange rate at that particular moment. It will take some time to verify and confirm the withdrawal, but rest assured. Cashing out with Bitcoin is much faster compared to using other traditional payment methods like bank transfer or credit/debit card.


Once the transaction is broadcasted on the network, you will still have to wait for confirmation, based on the wallet’s own transaction policy, before you have full access to your Bitcoin funds.


Best Bitcoin Mobile Casino In 2024

Obviously, since we are in 2024 and the digital revolution is booming, all the video slots & casino games you can play on your PC or laptop, you can also access them from your mobile, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet.


There is no need to download an app that could put your smartphone or tablet under heavy load. AU Slots and most of its games are developed using the popular HTML5, a common feature in all popular browsers, Android & iOS. That means you can access the Bitcoin casino from literally any device, small or big, by just using a browser.


Top Mobile Friendly Bitcoin Casino


Using Bitcoin on top of it all is just the cherry on top for all smartphone or tablet users who have a Bitcoin wallet app installed.


Switch from AU Slots platform to your default Bitcoin wallet app, paste the address copied from the mobile casino, name your amount, click Send & witness the wonders of the decentralized technology. The transaction is broadcasted almost instantly, but you will have to wait a little bit for confirmation.


The same goes with withdrawing your winnings via Bitcoin. Paste the address copied from YOUR wallet to AU Slots and voila: you now have BTC ready to shine on the next bull run.


In no time, you will know AU Slots mobile casino and Bitcoin is a match made in heaven.

BTC Casino Deposit Bonus

To encourage you to use Bitcoin, we have prepared a special Bitcoin Casino Bonus that will boost your overall experience on AU Slots.


Deposit real money using Bitcoin and you will have a 33% daily bonus up to 500 USD/EUR. In addition, you will also get 66 FREE spins on The True Sheriff slot game at 0.30 USD/EUR per each spin.


Deposit Bonus to boost Casino Balance


The minimum deposit to enjoy our special bonus is 20 USD or EUR worth of Bitcoin, on a daily basis. You could always deposit tomorrow and grab a fresh set of 66 FREE spins plus the 33% bonus if you were out of luck today. Click here for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are still unsure about Bitcoin, please check our FAQ section below. You can also speak to our customer support, no matter the time of the day or night. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Is it legal to play online real money slots & casino games using Bitcoin?

It is as legal as playing using all the other traditional payment options. Like always, please check your country’s online gambling regulations before creating an account on AU Slots.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

There are many ways to buy Bitcoin with fiat money, nowadays. You can always try out the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance. You can also try out some other Bitcoin services like the popular wallet Blockchain or the crypto payment gateway Wirex. 


Popular Bitcoin Wallet - Blockchain


Please note, if you use Skrill or Neteller to buy Bitcoin, you won’t be able to send it our way if you want an instant Bitcoin deposit. Skrill/Neteller doesn’t offer a fully-fledged wallet, you can only transfer your BTC to another Skill/Neteller user.

Where can I exchange Bitcoin winnings to my local currency?

You can withdraw your winnings via Bitcoin directly into a cryptocurrency exchange wallet. From there, the process of converting into fiat is straightforward. You can also use other Bitcoin services like Blockchain or Wirex, depending on your location. Or you can use Skrill or Neteller and convert your crypto funds into Skrill/Neteller cash.

Do you accept other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Litecoin?

As a matter of fact, we do. We also accept the smart-contract-friendly Ethereum and Bitcoin’s little brother, Litecoin. The process of depositing and cashing out ETH or LTC is fairly similar to BTC. Just make sure you copy and paste the ETH/LTC address correctly to avoid any unwelcoming complications.