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Superb Live Casino Online For Real Cash - Live Dealers & Crazy Action


Looking for live dealer casino games online? As crazy as it may sound, it’s now possible with AU Slots.


Indeed, AU Slots can offer you the traditional brick-and-mortar casino experience without leaving the comfort of your home. That means you don’t have to spend valuable time & money just to find the live casino in your region. When you sign in or sign up if you don’t have an account, you can now immerse yourself into the wonderful Las Vegas type of world where you are at a casino table, chilling and having a good time while interacting with charming real dealers. Yes, you can interact with them at any time: whether you want to say hello or go more in-depth and have an interesting conversion, it’s up to you.


Croupier in a Land-based Casino dealing cards


Like with the slot machines, we aim to offer you a standout live casino game selection you’ll never find elsewhere. We have the top deals with the best live gaming providers around.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the leading live casino service provider with state-of-the-art environments and different set-ups to choose from. They have a production studio in Riga, Latvia, one in Malta, and recently, the company expanded outside Europe, to Canada with a studio in Vancouver. All setups are compliant with the state & regional gambling regulations, so you can enjoy the live casino experience without worrying a bit.


Evolution Gaming Logo


It doesn’t matter the device you play on, Evolution has you covered. They pay attention to all players offering multi-camera angles so you can watch the crazy action like never before and also a quite awesome feel on mobile devices. All their games are optimized for mobile, no matter the operating system or screen size: Android or iOS, iPhone or iPad.


BetGames started providing live games in early 2012. They now have 9 casino offerings available in 40 countries.


BetGame Live Games Provider


The games developed by BetGames aren’t your traditional roulette tables, live dealer baccarat or Casino Hold’em. You’ll find a mix of creative and fresh dice games, as well as lotteries & card games. The dealers are charming, sociable, and always ready to cheer whenever you win the BIG jackpot. How big, you wonder? How about up to a staggering 2,000x?


Just give it a try, make a deposit using one of our countless payment methods, enjoy your deposit bonus, and start playing at the best live casino online for real money.

Live Dealer Games

AU Slots aims to offer all players from all around the world all the games they could possibly think of. Obviously, our live dealer games make no exception. We have all sorts of casino offerings from the traditional Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat to all sorts of live poker variations, dice & lotteries, and even some fresh brands that combine Reality TV Shows or board games with the adrenaline of random number generators. Check them all out below.



Las Vegas Style


Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is a lightning-fast lottery with draws running every five minutes. All you have to do is think of 5 numbers out of a possible 36 and bet on them. There are many possibilities to bet especially when color coding is added into the mix. The balls aren’t all white, they are also green, red, and blue.


You can bet on the drawing numbers like in any traditional lottery or you can bet on the colors also. For example, you can wager at least one green ball will be drawn. There are also other possibilities: will the live dealer show more winning odd numbers or even? How about the sum? Is it odd or even? The possibilities are endless.

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is not much different than Lucky 5, only that more balls are added to spice things up. There are a total of 60 balls, colored either red or blue. Each color has three sets of balls numbered 0 through 9. Every five minutes, the live dealer will draw 6 winning balls and based on what you choose, you may win BIG and small.


Lottery style casino game – Lucky 6


To have even more chances to win, there are three sectors A-B-C, each with their own double winners. Apart from the count, color, odd/even, and sum wagers, you also can bet on sectors. What ball will drop on sector A? Can you guess?

Lucky 7

Like Lucky 5 & Lucky 6, Lucky 7 is a fast-paced lottery game with live games and colorful winnings. As opposed to the two games though, this time, the live dealer draws 7 winnings balls out of a total of 42, every five minutes.


The even numbers are yellow, while the odd numbers are black. Similar to the two games described above, there are many possibilities to bet from the traditional ‘pick a number’ to some new and exciting color, count, odd/even, and sum wagers. The choice is yours.

Bet On Poker

Bet on Poker is a very interesting variation of the popular Texas Hold’em. The live dealer draws 12 face-up cards, two for each position (1 through 6) and then, like in the popular game, the face-up community cards - that any position can use - are revealed: flop (the first three cards), turn (the fourth card), and river (the fifth card).


The player can bet on a variety of outcomes based on the cards on the table. He/She can bet before any cards are drawn from the shoe and subsequently, after each drawing round. Each round, the odds are updated reflecting the draw. After the river, whoever wins receives a payout. What will you bet on?

Bet On Baccarat

Bet On Baccarat is basically your favorite Punto Banco game but with some more betting variations overall. As in Baccarat, there are two sides: The Player and The Bank. Whoever has more points win. The scoring system is specific to Baccarat: a side can make between 0 and 9 points. What’s over 10, only the second digit will count, so 10 is actually worth 0 points, 13 is, in fact, equal to 3 points, and so on. A


ll 2 from 9 cards are worth their face value, while 10 plus the face cards are all equal 0. Ace is worth 1 point. Who will win? Will either player receive a pocket pair? Will The Bank have a total odd or even number? Start playing and choose your bet now!

War Of Bets

War of Bets is based on the simple yet popular card game of War. Two sides are constantly battling for points: The Player & The Dealer. A round consists of one face-up card dealt to each side. The higher card wins given the traditional Hi Poker ranking (2 is the lowest, A is the highest).


Casino War Screenshot


When there is a tie, there is War. To play this live dealer game, all you have to do is bet your money on one side or be bold and bet on the War outcome. Naturally, like with any BetGames offers, there is much more betting variety than that: color, suit, value, you name it.


Dice is yet another simple game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, on every device you may own. Every three minutes, the live dealer will roll five classic dice (each side has one to six pips) and you have to bet on the outcome to play.


Besides the popular odd/even and total sum bets, you can also wager on a particular number & combination, from one pair (two dice with the same pip value) to three, four, and even five of a kind. Feeling lucky?

Dice Duel

A variation of dice only with fewer dice to roll. In this case, you will see only two dice, one blue and one red. Which means you can now bet not only on a specific pip number, or odd/even & total sum.


With Dice Duel, you can also bet on colors for more variety. Will the red die show an odd or even number? What about the blue one? Don’t worry if you missed the action, the dice are rolled every four minutes, on a daily basis.

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortunate is exactly what you would expect from a wheel game. A live dealer spins a wheel that is divided into sections most numbered. Only one has a cup on it which means is a special bet the could get you an 18-to-1 payout off the bat.


The rest are numbered from 1 to 18 and are also color-coded in red, grey, and black. Which means even more betting opportunities for you based on color, number, and the nature of the number drawn (odd or even).

Live Roulette

Live Roulette by Evolution is a series of live casino games targeted for all players, no matter their region or device.


Live European Roulette


The variety is out of this world: choose Immersive Roulette, Immersive Lite, Live European, French, or American Roulette, Dual-Ball Roulette (yes, you know what that means, two ball, indeed), and more. Just see for yourself.

Lightning Roulette

If you want more chances to win a jackpot-worth prize while playing live roulette, you can definitely choose Lightning Roulette. It’s basically the same traditional live casino game but with an additional feature: high-payouts lucky numbers at every spin. Which means you could win 100x, 200x, and YES, even 300x more than your initial wager if you guessed the lucky number correctly. Are you up for the challenge?

Dream Catcher

The already-popular Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming probably needs no introduction. It may be the default live casino game for any online slot player who just wants to mix things up. Simplicity, multipliers, colorfulness, immersiveness from a wheel-based game, that’s why Dream Catcher has gained so much popularity, recently. Can a player ask for more than that?

Monopoly LIVE

You can have more if you try Monopoly LIVE. This is a unique game that implements Augmented Reality (AR) for even more fun and immersiveness. It’s Dream Catcher till a point.


Monopoly Live - New Game by Evolution Gaming in 2022


When the wheel stops and the pin points to certain sections, Mr. Monopoly will join the party and take the player into his world where every property is a multiplier. Stopping at the right multipliers could give the player a jackpot type of payout, in just a minute or so. Start playing now!

Deal Or No Deal Live

Do you know the popular old show Deal or No Deal that used to be a big TV hit back in the day? Well, you can now be a participant of that show thanks to Evolution and its exclusive game Deal Or No Deal Live.


The real dealers presenting the game are armed with the same briefcases as in the TV show and the same old telephone stands in the background waiting to ring. To make it ring, all you have to do is play and unlock the bank vault for staggering multipliers. Deal or No Deal?

Live Blackjack

Don’t just settle for a boring game of blackjack whether is live, in a land-based casino, or online, on some other platforms. Choose instead our Live Blackjack game with entertaining live dealers, countless betting opportunities (like Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bet), and fast-paced adrenaline-based fun.


Live Blackjack Game


And if you don’t have a place at a table, don’t just leave, join the action with Evolution’s special Bet Behind one of the players currently involved in the game.

Infinite Blackjack

For all of you who want to bet small but still enjoy the live blackjack casino experience, Infinite Blackjack is definitely your game. Targeted for low-limits and massive scalability, Infinite Blackjack will make you stay up all night at an endless table filled with players from all around the world. Don’t worry, the popular side bets Any Pair, 21+3, and Bust it can still be quite profitable options.

Free Bet Blackjack

Basically, Free Bet Blackjack is Infinite Blackjack on steroids. You have the same freedom as with Infinite - you can take a seat anytime, no matter the number of players - and also you get some free bets. YES, double down bets for 9, 10, and 11 are free, which means WE the casino will match your bet if your initial two cards are worth 9,10, or 11. The same applies to split bets (10s are the exception). How that’s for the best live casino online offering out there?

Live Baccarat

What’s a casino offering without the popular choice Baccarat? The live experience is as authentic as if you would be really sitting at a table in one of Macau’s finest land-based casino.


Live Dealer Baccarat streamed in a real time


You can try out multiple camera angles, place special side bets, and view in-depth statistics of your choice. How’s that for a one of kind casino experience?

Super Sic Bo

There’s nothing simpler than a game of dice, this is why Super Sic Bo is in our live casino list. It doesn’t really matter if you didn’t play any casino game before, Super Sic Bo is all about betting on the outcome of a roll of the dice. Simple as that.


To further enhance your enjoyment, this game adds a special RNG feature into the mix. Each round, random multipliers may be applied to a number of bets. Is your bet the lucky one?

Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is a simple variant of Baccarat, played with only two cards. Each game that lasts around 25 seconds, The Player and The Bank receive two cards. Whoever scores higher - based on Baccarat scoring system obviously -  is the winner.


You can pick a side right before the game or bet the game will actually end in a tie which pays 11-to-1. For even greater odds, you can the choose suited tie bet for a whopping 50-to-1 payout.

Football Studio

Football Studio is a live casino card game of War played on a virtual pitch. To boost your bankroll, you have to bet on Home Win, Away Win, or Draw. To excite every football fan, the dealer presents the game in a football commentary style. An 8 vs a 9? Oh boy, that was a close win for the away team. A 7 vs a 2? The away team never showed up actually. It was all about the home team.

Live Casino Hold’Em

If you’re looking for some action just like in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, once again we’ve got you covered. You can find a wide variety of Casino Hold’Em games all with live croupiers ready to take you into the action, from preflop till the river.


Playing Hold’Em in the Best Live Casino Online for Real Money


Besides the ‘traditional’ Casino Hold’Em, we also have Two-Hand Casino Hold’Em that doubles the fun, Ultimate Live Texas Hold’Em for even more added fun and strategic play, and also Live Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker that adds two special bonuses (Bonus Bet & First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet). Learn about these games on AU Slots now!

Live Carribean Stud Poker

We also offer the traditional Carribean Stud Poker for all you live casino players who want to experience some good ol’ games online. To spice up the action, we offer 5+1 bonus bet that can boost your winnings by 1,000. You also have the chance to win a range of fixed payouts for Three of A Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, and Straight Flush.


You can also try Live Three Card Poker for more simplicity & hand per hour. It’s quite similar to Live Carribean Stud but with only three cards in play.

Side Bet City

For a more retro feel, you can always play Side Bet City by Evolution Gaming. Go back in time in the 80s Las Vegas and experience what the James Bond of old must have felt like at the card tables.


There are no rules, all you have to do is bet on a win for a 3-Card Hand, 5-Card Hand, or 7-Card Hand. You can also bet on ‘All Loose’ if you feel unlucky. Just be sure to enjoy your stay and remember: always play responsibly.

Live Casino Online Features

AU Slots Live Casino Experience is not just about playing in front of a real dealer, it’s much, much more than that. It’s about the angles, the social aspect of the game where you interact with both virtual and flesh-and-bone friends, and it’s also about taking it to a whole new level by witnessing the future of online gaming.

High-Quality Multi-Angle Cameras

With AU Slots Live Casino games, you can now follow the high-paced adrenaline-based action from all angles, in high-quality, no matter your device, PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

For a true brick-and-mortar casino experience, you can always watch the game using the first-person mode, but, from to time, you can switch to other never-seen-before angles, especially if you play games like live roulette.


HD (High definition) Camera Video Stream


Moreover, for all Baccarat fans out there, the games provided by Evolution Gaming offer a unique perspective of the card squeeze ritual. Choose your camera and experience the shuffling like you would if you were there, two feet away from the dealer.

Social Environment

Many live casino games offered here will give you the possibility to interact not just with players from all around the world, but also with entertaining & charming live dealers and game hosts.


Professional Casino Hosts


Use the live chat to enhance your experience and start socializing with everyone in the game, including the live croupiers. You never know how your one-night table companion could become a lifetime friend.

State-of-the-Art Technology

All our live casino games are highly optimized using the latest technology so you can enjoy a unique casino experience without interruption and at lightning-fast speeds. Moreover, many games have special Lite features targeting all mobile users who may experience slow Internet or may play from an older smartphone or tablet.


Last but definitely not least, you can now see and feel for yourself the technology of tomorrow: Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) based casino games. Be sure to check our platforms for new additions every single day. Who knows what could be released next...

Wide Range Of Payment Methods To Play For Real Money

To enjoy all these wonderful features and play the live game casinos described above for real money, all you have to do is create an account on AU Slots and use one of the many payment methods we offer for both deposits & cashouts.


Most deposits are instant and do not come with any fees: what you deposit is what you’ll see in your real money account balance. Choose your currency - EUR or USD - and start playing.

If you hit a BIG win, then the withdrawal process is as flawless as your initial deposit. We even go that extra mile to smooth the withdrawal times and make it faster than the average cashout waiting time you’ll experience on other platforms.


Different Online Payment Methods to Play with Real Cash


Choose your payment method from our list and prepare yourself: you’re going to have the time of your life.

  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
  • Idebit
  • Neteller
  • Astropay
  • Ecopayz
  • Instadebit
  • MasterCard & VISA
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Neosurf/MyNeosurf
  • Flexepin

Please note that some of these payment methods may be unavailable in your region.

Live Casino Bonuses For 2024

After you made your first deposit, you are eligible for our special AU Slots Cashback Welcome Bonus, if you love live casino games. By just sitting at a table and placing bets, you can receive 10% of your deposit up to 100 EUR or USD in live casino cashback bonus. Just deposit at least 20 EUR or USD and you’re good to go.


Bonus Offers for VIP Players


For even more FREE money to bet with, you can always contact our support team. If you are a loyal customer, we will reward you with amazing FREE gifts & bonuses on a regular basis. We do have a VIP club and you could very well be in it with enough playing time on AU Slots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can contact the support team for any questions you may have regarding our platform and our casino offerings overall. Be sure to read our neat FAQ though, before you do that. Who knows, the answer to your question may lie right in front of you.

What’s the difference between an online and live casino?

Technically, all specialized platforms you’ll find on the web like AU Slots are online casinos. Live casinos are those real locations in your area where live dealers manage games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. Since land-based casinos are hard to find, we are offering you that live feel from the comfort of your home. No more complex random number generators, just a real person who spins the wheel, deals the cards, or rolls the dice.

Which is the best site to play with a live dealer?

AU Slots may very well be the best. Why? We offer the top live casino online games you’ll find on the Web that implement the latest technology including high-quality streaming, multiple cameras with all sorts of angles, and unique social experience. In addition, we give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of live games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice, lotteries and plenty of payment methods to play for real money.

Can you play blackjack online against a live dealer?

Of course, you can. On AU Slots, we have three variations of live blackjack all developed by the leading game provider Evolution: Live Blackjack for a true Las Vegas experience, Infinite Blackjack available for all, no matter the limits, and Free Bet Blackjack that gives you a boost in terms of winnings. Try each game out and see which one is your favorite.

Does live casino have a demo (Play Money) mode?

No, to bet on any live casino game on AU Slots, you need a real money account and a deposit in EUR or USD. Nevertheless, some games do let the players watch the action and see for themselves how the action is like without investing any money.