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Online Casino Payment Options for Deposits & Cash-outs


We want everything to be easy and convenient for you here at AUSlots. That’s why we accept lots of different payment methods. If you’re looking to gamble with real money, you’ll find there are loads of options to choose from - these include debit and credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies.


Popular Online Casino Payment Methods


While there are many payment methods we accept, not all options are available in every country. When you sign up to the casino, the list of payment methods you’ll see will vary depending on where you live. Though the line-up of accepted payment methods varies, no matter where you live you should have more than enough options to choose from.



List of Casino Payment Methods Accepted


We aim to make payments here as smooth, quick and hassle-free as possible. Whether you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal, you should find the payment process easy. Deposits will appear in your AUSlots account pretty much straight away. For withdrawals, time-frame depends ono the selected cash-out methods. Our withdrawal times, you’ll be pleased to hear, are faster than average.


Find out the list of available payment options below.




Visa is one of the safest and most reliable payment options you can use for real-money online gambling. It’s mostly used as a debit or credit card, though Visa prepaid cards are available as well. There are countless websites and real-world points of sale where Visa is accepted. It can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are both fast and secure, so you never have to worry about where your money is.


Visa Credit Card


When it comes to gambling online, Visa is regarded by many as one of the best payment methods to use. This is because it’s a very safe, reliable service and an industry leader. Visa cards of different types are issued by a wide variety of international banks and financial institutions. When making payments with Visa, all you’ll need to do is enter your card details and confirm the transaction.




Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods used across the world today. It comes in the for of a debit card, a credit card or a prepaid card. It’s regarded as one of the most reliable and safest ways of doing online banking. When making transactions with Mastercard, you’ll need to provide the casino with your card details; deposits are instant, though withdrawals usually take a few working days or so to reach you.


Prepaid Mastercard


Mastercard is a very reliable payment method. It’s a top choice for people looking to gamble online for real money thanks to its excellent reputation, enhanced security and its easy payment procedure. It also helps that it’s accepted at the vast majority of gaming spots, as well as at most websites and retail outlets.




One of the most popular e-wallets used today is Neteller. A key advantage of using Neteller at online casino is that it offers very fast withdrawals. With this e-wallet, once the casino has processed your withdrawal, the money should reach you pretty much straight away. As for deposits made with Neteller, they’re instant. When making payments, all you need to enter is your account ID and security code - there’s no personal information or bank details required to carry out transactions.


Neteller eWallet


Creating an account with Neteller is free and easy. You may have to wait a few days for your account to be properly set up and authenticated, however. Once your account’s good to go, you’ll be able to make quick payments online. It’s worth mentioning that some casinos won’t allow you to claim bonuses if you’re making deposits with Neteller. Luckily, this is not the case with AUSlots Casino!




Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an e-wallet that lets you hold funds and make and receive payments online. One of the main advantages of using Skrill is that it offers instant deposits and fast withdrawals. With Skrill, deposits appear in your casino account straight away; if you make a withdrawal using the e-wallet, your money will reach you as soon as your withdrawal request has been processed by the casino. Note that some casinos won’t let you claim their bonuses if deposit into your account using Skrill, but AUSlots Casino never had and will have that kind of restriction.


Safe Internet Casino Payment Option - Skrill


When making payments with Skrill, you only need to enter your email address and password. There are no card details of any kind required. Skrill is a very safe and secure payment method. Setting up an account can take a short while, but once it’s all set up you’ll be able to make convenient, hassle-free online payments.




EcoPayz is an e-wallet that’s a popular choice for online gamblers. Like other e-wallets, it offers instant deposits and fast withdrawals. Setting up an account with EcoPayz is straightforward and shouldn’t take much time at all.


EcoPayz Payments


There are several account levels available, each one offering additional perks and features. If you’re a Silver level member, you can apply for a plastic Mastercard that can be used both offline and online anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. There’s also the option to apply for a single use EcoVirtual Card. When using EcoPayz at online casino, no personal or bank details are required. Payments are safe, reliable and completely anonymous at all times.




iDebit is a bank transfer payment method that lets you transfer money to and from your bank account. Making payments is quite straightforward. You’re taken to the iDebit site, where you’ll have to select your bank from the list, then enter your bank details and approve the transaction. You can do all this without having to create an account with iDebit.


iDebit Bank Transfer


If you do decide to create an account with iDebit, there are two things this account will do for you: it will remember your bank details and it can store funds for you, essentially acting as an e-wallet. You don’t need to create an account to use iDebit. Sometimes, however, you’ll need an account if you’re going to transfer funds back to your bank account. There may also be some fees for making transactions with iDebit.




InstaDebit is an online bank transfer service that facilitates transactions between bank accounts. If you’re going to use this payment method, you’ll need to create an account and subscribe to the InstaDebit service. Creating your account is easy enough and verifying it shouldn’t take much time at all. When it comes to making payments, you’ll be prompted to log into your InstaDebit account. You’ll then need to enter your account details and confirm the payment details for it to go ahead.


InstaDebit – Safe & Secure


Though you have to subscribe to the service to use InstaDebit, it still remains a popular choice for online gamblers. It’s a very safe and anonymous payment method that’s free to use and widely accepted at lots of online casinos and websites.


Neosurf / MyNeoSurf


NeoSurf is a prepaid voucher you can purchase from select retail outlets and use online. Each voucher comes with its own 10-digit pincode you enter when making online payments. MyNeoSurf is the payment method’s e-wallet. Not only can you top it up with NeoSurf vouchers, you can also top it up with credit cards or bank transfers.

Neosurf – Prepaid Voucher


Once your account’s loaded up with funds, you’re able to use it at more than 20,000 websites to carry out transactions. MyNeoSurf is a safe, secure and simple way for you to pay and play online. Creating an account is very straightforward and there are over 135,000 points of sale around the world where you can buy NeoSurf vouchers. The vouchers can be purchased in set amounts.




Bitcoin launched in 2009 as the world’s very first cryptocurrency. A decade later, it remains the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency, even though loads of others have been launched. A cryptocurrency is a special type of digital currency that’s decentralised; in other words, it’s not connected to any kind of bank or financial institution. Cryptography is used to keep payments secure and there are no third parties involved. Instead, payments are carried out over a peer-to-peer network.


BTC Cryptocurrency


There are some miners’ fees involved, though these do tend to be on the smaller side. If you decide to use Bitcoin, bear in mind that the currency exchange rates for it can change quite dramatically in a short space of time. Still, many people use Bitcoin for online gambling because it offers fast, safe and anonymous payments.




Ethereum is one of dozens of cryptocurrencies that have come online since Bitcoin was released. It’s become one of the most popular alternatives to Bitcoin and is accepted at a growing number of online casinos. It’s designed in a similar way to Bitcoin, though it comes with some more advanced features and options, making it an appealing alternative. The key difference between the two is that Bitcoin was designed to operate with just one currency; Ethereum, on the other hand, can be used to create and maintain a potentially limitless number of currencies.


Ethereum Logo


Like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum offers secure, anonymous payments. It’s considerably cheaper to purchase Ether (the cryptocurrency’s token that’s used for payments) than it is to purchase Bitcoin. Once you’ve obtained an Ethereum e-wallet and have loaded it with Ether, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals at AUSlots online casino very easily indeed.




Litecoin was one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to launch. It’s practically identical in the way it works to the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. While it should be familiar to Bitcoin users, it does have a few key differences, the main one being that Litecoin has faster transaction confirmations. Litecoin is also less volatile than Bitcoin, so prices and exchange rates shouldn’t fluctuate as much.


Litecoin fast transactions

If you’re going to use Litecoin at online casinos, you’ll need an e-wallet to store your Litecoins in. Transactions with this cryptocurrency are fast, secure and reliable. In fact, both deposits and withdrawals should be processed faster with Litecoin than with Bitcoin. Transactions don’t go through any sort of centralised banking authority, so it’s a good option for anyone looking to make online payments anonymously.




Flexepin is a prepaid card that you can use to make online payments. You purchase a Flexepin voucher at a point of sale for the amount you want. Each voucher comes with its own 16-digit code. When making online payments with Flexepin, you simply enter this code and the transaction is carried out.


Canadian Prepaid Card - Flexepin


Right now, Flexepin is only available in Canada and Australia, though there are plans to roll it out to more countries in the near future. With Flexepin, you can make online payments that are quick, hassle-free and secure. There’s never any kind of third party involved, so there’s no chance of your details being compromised. The vouchers can be purchased in a range of currencies and set amounts.





Widely available throughout South America, AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card that lets you make payments without requiring your personal details. To get an Astropay virtual card, you simply need to visit the payment method’s official website and create an account. You’ll be able to purchase a card in a range of amounts. Once you’ve purchased your card, you’ll be able to top it up using several other payment options and use it to make online payments.


Astropay Virtual Card


AstroPay is a convenient payment method to use at online casinos since you don’t have to enter any personal or banking details when making payments. It’s also good for managing your bankroll. This is because you can only deposit into your casino account what’s on your AstroPay virtual card; there’s no borrowing or using money you don’t have. As well as Latin America, AstroPay is available in a number of Asian countries. AstroPay can only be used for deposits and not withdrawals.


Wire Transfer


A wire transfer is a way of sending your funds directly from your own bank account to a casino’s bank account. With wire transfers, payments are made between you and the casino with no third parties involved. This is a very safe and secure option to use for online payments. However, it can take a few days for wire transfers to be made. This is because banks need to verify transactions and this can take a short while to do.


Most other payment methods offer instant deposits at AUslots online casino. Wire transfers, however, don’t. Though they’re safe and reliable, they’re not as fast as lots of other payment methods. Although its an option, due to prolong deposit & withdrawal time-frame, we do not recommend Wire Transfer payment method to our players.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unfortunately, Paysafecard is no longer available as the payment option at AUSlots Casino.


Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you can use for online purchases and to top up other payment methods. To use this payment method, you need to purchase a Paysafecard from your nearest Paysafecard retailer. The cards are available in a number of set amounts. Simply choose the amount you want, pay the sum and you’ll receive a card with a unique 16-digit PIN on it. When making a payment with Paysafecard, you’ll have to enter this PIN. No other details from your are required.


If you want to use several codes at once, you should get the e-wallet My Paysafecard. It lets you build up a balance using codes you’ve purchased. You can put these codes together and make larger transactions (instead of multiple smaller ones). Instead of a 16-digit PIN, with My Paysafecard you use a username and password to carry out transactions.