Top 10 Celebrity Gamblers

If you’re a celebrity, money isn’t really an issue for you. With wads of cash at their disposal, how are they going to spend it? Of course, they can buy luxury cars, designer clothing, real estate all over the world, but that all can get a little boring. When you have everything, spending your money needs to be more exciting, more thrilling. This is probably why many celebrities are spending their money with sitting at poker tables or playing roulette. Gambling, though is risky, is thrilling and stimulating. But for some celebrities, losing a couple hundred thousand dollar doesn’t mean anything. You’re probably wondering who these celebrities are. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you the top 10 celebrity gamblers that love to indulge in gambling.

Pamela Anderson

Who says women can’t gamble? Pamela Anderson is one woman who isn’t afraid to place her bets. Though she’s mostly known for her appearance on the big and small screen, Anderson started to develop her hobby of gambling in 2007.

Pamela Anderson in famous Baywatch TV Series

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is easily one of the most well-known celebrity gamblers, playing a fierce game of poker and blackjack. You may be wondering if he’s any good. Well, in 2004 he actually won the California State Poker Championship.

Though his love of gambling did get the best of him and he entered a rehab facility in 2001 because of it.

Ben Affleck (in the middle) at Poker Tables

Matt Damon

Best friend of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon also shares a love of gambling. Though Matt Damon did play in the movie Rounders which was about gambling, in real life, he’s actually a big fan of poker and has been connected to illegal gambling rings as well. He’s been linked to gambling with his close friends such as Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo diCaprio. Not a bad crew, right?

Scene from Rounders (1988) featuring Matt Damon

Tobey Maguire

Many celebrities like to keep their gambling habits on the down-low, however, Tobey isn’t one of those celebrities. Instead, he’s very active in the gambling community, even participating in World Series of Poker. Over the years, it’s rumored that Maguire has won over $10 million playing poker. Though, aside from his publicity in the community, he’s also been caught playing underground poker and was a part of a lawsuit in 2011.

Tobey Maguire participated in WSOP

Michael Jordan

Who says the most famous basketball player in the world can’t gamble? Though he’ retired from basketball, Jordan spends a good chunk of time gambling and with a net worth of $1 billion, he can afford to do it. Though he’s admitted to having a gambling addiction in 1993, he now says that gambling is, “a hobby that he can afford.”

Michael Jordan in action

50 Cent

You know him for his rhymes and lyrics, but you probably didn’t know that 50 Cent loves to spend dollar bills. Over his career, he’s made some insane bets, including one he made on the New York Giants going to the Superbowl in 2012 - that bet was for half a million dollars. If you’re not a fan of football, all you need to know is that he won the bet.

Famous Celebrity Gambler 50 Cent

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one competitive man who doesn’t like to lose, which makes him a perfect gambler. After the 2010 London Olympics and his public mishap with marijuana, Phelps focused his attention on gambling. Though in comparison to his talent with swimming, his gambling talents fell short. At one point, Phelps was seen gambling at a casino in Baltimore, Maryland for 8 hours straight. Since then, he’s overcome his addiction and no longer gambles.

Michael Phelps butterfly style swimming

Ray Romano

You may know him for being the beloved dad in “Everybody Love Raymond,” which illustrates the ups and downs of a middle-class family in suburban America. But, in real life, Romano is living anything but that life. The only thing that that show brought Romano was a bank account full of money. Since Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the most watched shows on television, Romano receives a healthy royalty check on a monthly basis.

Romano has gone through his up and downs with gambling addiction, however, nowadays, Romano sticks to gambling on virtual bets, staying away from Casinos. He’s also competed in World Series of Poker, but, of course, didn’t win.

Ray Romano acting

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods didn’t use to be a gambler until he became friends with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, both who love to hit the gambling table. Of course, as their friendships blossomed, Woods hung around them more, thus, picked up the art of gambling.

Though, from what we hear, Woods is quite disciplined when it comes to gambling. It’s a fact that he has a set limit of $1 million dollars when gambling, and doesn’t go over it. He also bets as much as $25,000 per hand, usually, at his favorite place to gamble, the Mansion at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. As he continues to become more experienced, he typically requests a table for only himself and fills it with gorgeous girls. Can we blame him?

Tiger Woods (on the left) at gambling tables

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s love of gambling is probably the least craziest thing he’s done in his life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean he can’t play a mean hand of cards. Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife even reported that he used to spend up to $20,000 a week on sports gambling. But honestly, did you expect anything less from Charlie Sheen? Isn’t his body made up of tiger blood?

Charlie Sheen enjoys sports betting